About Us

About Us

We’ll help you navigate the complicated world of stock transfers

For those not familiar with stock transfer, escrow, and issuer services, it can appear to be a complex and daunting place. This is where the experience and expertise of Castle Brick International can help you navigate your way past the detailed regulations, avoid common missteps and expenses, and not be held up by preventable delays.

Castle Brick International will make the process easier for you, saving you time, effort, and unnecessary cost.

Our enthusiastic team of transfer industry professionals effortlessly takes care of your requirements for escrow services, IPO’s, EDGAR filings, meetings, and much more.

What Separates Us From Other Transfer Providers

Fixed Cost Stock Transfer Package

Transfer costs for small issuers can be disproportionately expensive, and having experienced the difficulties small public companies endure, we have introduced a simple, straightforward fixed cost transfer package. The package covers all key transfer needs, on an annual basis, with one payment without any loss of service levels or quality.

No termination or contract charges

Sometimes, companies find themselves unable to change their transfer agent easily as they are being held to a costly, long-term contract or will suffer heavy termination charges if they decide to move. Castle Brick International does not make a charge for early termination. We believe it is unfair to charge a hefty fee if you choose to move your business with us to another agent in the same way that you would not pay a substantial fee if you were to change accountants or auditors.

If you are considering moving your business to us but are locked into one of these agreements, please let us know, and we may be able to assist.

We can help you focus on your business

If you’re being weighed down by the burden of complying with ever-changing regulations, Castle Brick International governance counseling can lighten the load and enable your board to focus on your business

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