Escrow Services

Escrow Services

Escrow Services

Castle Brick International provides professional, tailored, and regulated escrow agent services for transactions that span the globe. Our flexibility, experience, and expertise enable us to adapt our escrow services to a wide range of circumstances.

Some of the typical uses are:

Payment Processing

The funds are kept in an escrow account until the pre-arranged agreement conditions are met. Payment processing escrows are used for several purposes, such as stock transactions or payments to a supplier after delivery.

Fund Raising

Escrow is frequently used in corporate fundraising, and investors will keep the capital with a trusted third party until the investment has achieved its desired goal. When this occurs, the funds held in escrow will be released.

Corporate Transactions, including Warranty and Indemnification

The assets in escrow are retained to shield against unexpected costs or damages covered by a warranty or indemnity, frequently as part of M&A activity.

Performance Escrow or Project Accounts

The assets in escrow are retained until specific pre-arranged conditions have been met and typically relate to a service being fulfilled. An example could be for a building project or similar long-term commercial contract.

Benefits of Castle Brick International Escrow Services

Castle Brick International is registered and regulated to provide these services, so you can be sure that the delivery will go according to plan, and your funds are safeguarded.

Castle Brick International complies with the security requirements, and your assets will be maintained within a segregated client account and protected in the event of any unexpected circumstances. Please be aware that many escrow agents will integrate your assets with those of other clients, making them less safe if the company runs into financial difficulties.

Our escrow services are backed by skilled lawyers and accountants with a broad experience of managing corporate and commercial transactions. They employ their talents to make sure the escrow fully matches your specific needs and requirements.

We also have off-the-shelf escrow agreements that can be utilized in their existing form or as a foundation for more bespoke alternatives. We are always flexible and can adapt the contracts to your specific needs or us a pre-prepared one.

We are entirely independent, which leaves us free from conflicts of interest and able to act as a neutral third party for both sides of the agreement.

If you would like more information about any of the services above or specific requirements, please contact us.

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