Governance Counselling

Governance Counselling

Governance Counselling

Let Castle Brick International shoulder the governance burden

While you are busy running with the day to day operations of a successful business, it is not always easy to keep on top of new and constantly changing regulations. Failure to comply, however, comes with severe business consequences, not only financially but also to your company’s reputation. This burden falls heavy on many management boards and is where Castle Brick International’s governance counseling can help lighten the load and maintain investor confidence.

We produce and supply regular briefing documents highlighting the relevant regulatory changes which will impact your business, together with guidance on what needs to be done to maintain compliance.

Early identification of potential landmines allows us to reduce their business impact and can even open the door to new business opportunities.

Our services include:

  • Ongoing annual corporate governance reviewing
  • Vote prediction
  • Risk assessment
  • Targeted shareholder communications strategies
  • Existing governance policy evaluation
  • Management and shareholder proposal analysis
  • Developing shareholder engagement
  • Regular review of corporate governance best practice applications

We keep a close eye on and provide updates to you about the implications of proxy advisors' opinions on each client’s investor base and voting predictions. Our services include helping clients to draft proxy filings and highlighting danger signs that may lead to adverse recommendations in accordance with proxy company and institutional investor voting policy procedures.

Castle Brick International helps your board keep the focus on growing your business while we handle the corporate governance issues. We make sure that the correct governance is applied to your business, regularly engage with shareholders, and pre-emptively respond to possible risks.

Targeted Investor Engagement Strategies

It is critical that a business has a detailed understanding of the motives and ambitions of its shareholder community.

Castle Brick International can provide valuable insight into the viewpoints of each shareholder community and identify and use the methods of communication that they will respond to best.

Working together with your company, our targeted investor engagement strategies will increase the participation rates of each community of voters.

Vote Prediction

Companies rely on our ability to predict the outcome of the votes cast accurately.

As part of our skill set, we:

  • We evaluate each shareholder community and predict voting results
  • Apply this analysis and work with you to fine-tune your proposal to achieve the result you want
  • Help companies understand the motivations and ambition of shareholder-sponsored proposals
  • Carefully follow the campaign results, and make rapid adjustments to increase the probability of a successful vote
  • Create voting reports to bring to light areas for further improvement

We can help you focus on your business

If you’re being weighed down by the burden of complying with ever-changing regulations, Castle Brick International governance counseling can lighten the load and enable your board to focus on your business

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