Tender Offers

Tender Offers

Tender Offers

Rumors or reality

News travels fast in the financial markets, and sometimes it’s not even real facts but merely speculation of a tender offer that can have a serious impact on a company’s share price and shareholder sentiment. When rumors surface, they can trigger significant actions such as institutional shareholders or retail investors selling off holdings in the company that is subjected to the offer rumors or others, looking to speculate, such as hedge funds and event led investors, may increase holdings to sizeable levels.

At Castle Brick International, our experienced tender offer specialists immediately evaluate the details of the offer and the dynamics that could affect the outcome and make recommendations that are designed to benefit the client. They will be in constant contact, updating you with details of investors live responses to the situation, what trades are being made as well as providing feedback from the larger shareholder groups. This information provides our client with real-time feedback, which can be utilized to quickly respond to the situation, be fully aware of where they stand and communicate effectively with those that can affect the outcome. We have experience working with companies that have been subject to a tender offer as well as companies that are making offers, so we have an all-round experience and understand what action is needed, and when, and be in a position to anticipate the unexpected, no matter which side of the offer you are on.

Information Agent

Our Information Agent role supplies you with an extensive breakdown incorporating:

  • Dissecting your investor base into its constituent parts (large shareholders, insiders, institutions, event-led, and other retail shareholders)
  • Preparing a comprehensive register of the primary institutional participants and speculators to be contacted
  • Counseling on the effectiveness and substance of any necessary shareholder interactions, including if any special communication is needed
  • Forecasting the tender result
  • Keeping in regular communication with investors, broker/dealers the DTCC, you, our client and your counsel
  • Supplying up-to-the-minute analysis and participation results, and offering forecasts of the anticipated outcomes constantly until the end of the offer

We pride ourselves on the integrity and security of our data management

Castle Brick International’s experienced tender team, acting as information agent for tender offers, delve deep into their many years of experience to provide our clients with a strong communication policy and first-class, accurate reports and analytics. Headed by seasoned executives with far-reaching investment banking, legal, PR, and corporate governance credentials, we use the strength of our analytics, and connections with key decision-makers, including institutional, and other event-led investors, to deliver successful outcomes for our clients.

We can help you focus on your business

If you’re being weighed down by the burden of complying with ever-changing regulations, Castle Brick International governance counseling can lighten the load and enable your board to focus on your business

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