Transfer Services

Transfer Services

Transfer Services

At Castle Brick International, we appreciate that many stock transfer agents appear to perform similar functions, and on the face of it appear very much alike. This similarity is why we always go the extra mile when we are chosen to be your transfer agent of choice.

By supporting your specific requirements and those of your shareholders, above and beyond expectations, you can focus on taking care of your business.

This exceptional level of service is what separates Castle Brick International from other transfer agents.

As with all of our solutions, we are flexible and able to tailor our services to your requirements, however complex or straightforward. From individual stock transfers to large-scale corporate actions, we take care of it all with the same care and attention to detail.

We'll assist in recording transactions, physical certificate and book-entry holdings, certificate issuance, and we will handle, print, and send your investor mailings. This considered approach will minimize the danger of non-compliance while thoroughly engaging your shareholders.

As your agent of choice, we act as your judicious keeper of records, retaining and updating shareholder information, including:

  • Full Names
  • Complete Addresses
  • E-mail Addresses
  • Tax IDs
  • Physical certificate, book-entry, and stock information

We pride ourselves on the integrity and security of our data management

We also:

  • Transfer and issue shares
  • Truthfully, precisely, and efficiently respond to shareholder inquiries
  • Flawlessly maintain issuer and shareholder records
  • Deal with restricted and legal transfers
  • Keep a record of shareholder and stock activity
  • Effectively communicate with your shareholders
  • Liaise with the DTCC, broker-dealers, exchanges, and regulatory bodies
  • Manage issuer plans such as DRIPs
  • Disburse dividends and prepare tax reports

When acting as your transfer agent of choice, we understand that we sometimes interact with your shareholders more than your company directly. We take this responsibility very seriously and ensure the interaction is suitably professional and that we reflect the underlying values of your company.

We take over the management of your transactional and administrative responsibilities, which means your business does not need to allocate resources to handle them.

We can help you focus on your business

If you’re being weighed down by the burden of complying with ever-changing regulations, Castle Brick International governance counseling can lighten the load and enable your board to focus on your business

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